With the development of economy and the improvement of people’s living standard environmental protection has become a common theme of human being. More and more countries focus on the carbon emission from manufacturing industry, so ESG stands out from "TOYO" with over 30 years...


  • why Choose Us(About Lithium Battery)

    35years history brand history Hot sell model keep in stocks.48hours delivery Complete shiping UN38.3 certificate Europe keep in after sales service office. Battery pack technology number 3. The engineer from BYD. Match china famous brand Communication protocol. Keep goods in overseas marketing warehouse.
  • why Choose Us(About Lead Acid Battery)

    1.ESG 35 years brand experience 2.China first technology .Got the patent which Let battery 30% longer life. 3. Battery doctor. Factory got battery detector patent.It can analyze and repair faulty batteries, 4.Delivery fast :12V7AH 50,000 units per day, hot-selling models 100AH, 200AH keep in stocks So 48 hours delivery 5.Complete certificate. We keep ISO, CE, UL CCC, ROHS, TUV, SGS, IEC UN38.3 certificates 6.One of 5 major suppliers designated by the China government for tender.
  • why Choose Us(About ESG)

    ESG is mainly committed to the development,production and sales of lead acid battery, lithium battery energy storage batteryand other complementary power generation system products. We have established friendly cooperative relations with various power supply companies and power plants in China power system. At the same time,we also developed a wide range of foreign markets, and our products are exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Europe, Australia and other places.


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